The Thrillseekers: "Producers need to work more on creating there own style, rather than copying everyone else!"

Due to the next Quest4Trance, we interviewed Steve Helstrip, known to the Trance world as The Thrillseekers, plus In Motion, Insigma, Rapid Eye, Morpheus or Hydra. Without his existence, Trance music wouldn’t be the same as we know it today. Tracks such as “Synaesthesia (Fly Away)“, “Song For Sendai“, “Circa Forever” or the “Reflekt Feat Delline Bass – Need To Feel Loved” historical remix, still give you goose bumps, as surely they will for ever. Waiting for his next tracks announced here, these days he is tearing up everything with his new track together with Sam Mitcham, “All The Little Things“, which has already rang up 4 times in A State Of Trance, in addition to most of Trance Shows . We leave you with The Thrillseekers words:

ODJF: Firstly, Where and what are you doing right now? (except for this interview, of course)?

TS: I’m just wrapping up a new track, which will be my summer release. It’s called ‘This Is All We Have’ and is a tribute to my dad, who sadly passed away recently. So it’s very special for me, this one!

ODJF: What do you think about all these changes in the Trance scene? Do you like these productions more focused on the dancefloor? Don’t you think they have lost the typical ‘abstract touch’ that features Trance?

TS: There are some amazing tracks around if you dig a little deeper. I’m loving the 138 movement right now, which is making a strong come back.

ODJF: Sounds nowadays Trance all the same?

TS: There are many tracks which sound similar, yes. Producers need to work more on creating there own style, rather than copying everyone else!

ODJF: Is the future of Trance music in the UK?

TS: I don’t think it’s limited to the UK, no! There’s good trance music coming from all over the world!

ODJF: What did “Synaesthesia” mean to you?

TS: It captured the summer of ’99 for me, which was a very special year for trance. I still love the track!

ODJF: How was your work with York?

TS: It was great to work with York. I built the club mix from an ambient track which they sent me. Love the Will Atkinson remix, too.

ODJF: How The Thrillseekers started in the electronic music world? When did you fall in love with Trance music?

TS: Chicane’s Offshore played a big part! I fell in love with this track, and have continued along the same lines ever since.

ODJF: Small clubs or big festival venues? Which one is your choice?

TS: Small clubs. I much prefer an intimate vibe and enjoy actually being able to see people on the dancefloor.

ODJF: What do you feel playing at parties such as Luminosity Beach or Driftwood Ibiza?

TS: Two great parties. Very different, but among the best fun!

ODJF: What does a vinyl set mean to you in these days?

TS: I love playing from vinyl still. It’s a very different skill to playing from CDJs, as you actually have to work on stage!

ODJF: Nowadays Trance or Remember Trance?

TS: Very much Trance!

ODJF: Apart from Ibiza; any plans for visiting Spain?

TS: None at the moment, though I would love to play there more. I understand the scene is pretty small in Spain. Let’s make it grow!

ODJF: What can you tell us about your performance at the next Quest 4 Trance? Any special surprise?

TS: I’m excited for this one, for sure. I have 3 new tracks to play out, so eager to see the response.

ODJF: The line-up is amazing. Is there any producer / deejay that makes you feel especially excited to share booth with?

TS: I’m looking forward to hanging out with Menno. Love his sets.

ODJF: Anything to say to encourage our Spanish readers to attend Quest4Trance Festival?

TS: Well, if you guys love Trance, this will be a very special event. The venue is amazing and right by the sea. I can’t wait!

ODJF: Thank You very much Steve.

TS: Thank you.


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