Grotesque at the Beach pres Sean Tyas Tytanium 200

This is de Line-up:

Sean Tyas
Super8 & Tab
Sied van Riel
Jochen Miller
Adam Seller
Jay Junior
Ana Criado Live (Special Performance)
Mc da Silva (Speaker)

Spring has finally arrived, the summer is coming and everyone is getting in the mood for a party. That’s good, because on Sunday, May 12th Grotesque makes its debut on the beach at Bloemendaal, at Beachclub Fuel. PT Events is looking forward to the relaxed atmosphere of a lovely Sunday afternoon on the beach, as always with the unique atmosphere brought by the regular Grotesque party people.

PT Events specifically chose Beachclub Fuel because the space is very flexible regardless of the weather conditions. The Dutch weather can be unpredictable, but you can predict that Grotesque will be a success for sure, indoor or outdoor! Check this link for more info about Beachclub Fuel.

So prepare yourself for a relaxing afternoon. Fuel has lovely lounging options, great cocktails and an amazing view over the beach at Bloemendaal. Both inside and out, it’s the perfection combination between relaxation and partying to the max.

And for this edition of Grotesque we will be shining a spotlight on Sean Tyas, celebrating the 200th edition of his Tytanium Sessions. PT Events is thrilled to be hosting this exciting tour event with their special friend at Grotesque @ the Beach.

Another highlight of the event will be the appearance of live vocalist Ana Criado. This singer will undoubtedly be a massive contribution to our event, with her sultry voice and impressive repertoire. And watching the setting sun to the soundtrack of Criado’s “Fallen Angel” is sure to put a smile on your face!

Sean Tyas – Super8 & Tab – Sied van Riel – Jochen Miller – Ram – Adam Seller – Jay Junior – Ana Criado (live) – Mc Da Silva

With a line-up like this the only conclusion to draw is that you must make sure that you are there on the 12th of May! Buy your tickets at Easyticket or PT.

Women in Control – Mini Poll

PT Events is always looking for ways to improve Grotesque. Now, they particularly want to know what female visitors think is important at a dance event. Especially for the ladies PT has created a short questionnaire….. Please give us your opinion by following this link! All female participants will be in for a chance to win one of 100 entrance tickets for Grotesque, with the compliments of PT.

[googlemaps,+2051+EB+Bloemendaal,+Netherlands&aq=&sll=40.409314,-3.817749&sspn=3.626101,8.453979&ie=UTF8&hq=Beachclub+Fuel&hnear=Zeeweg+7,+Overveen,+Bloemendaal,+Noord-Holland,+Pa%C3%ADses+Bajos&t=m&z=14&iwloc=A&cid=9676654479077404625&ll=52.406015,4.545515&output=embed” width=”600″>
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This is Grotesque:


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