Ronny K interview: “I saw many times in my gigs what real uplifting trance can do with people and its always amazing”

Based in London since 2006, Czech Republic native, Motiv8 Recordings label owner and Ph.D. in Uplifting Trance, Roland Kempny, better known as Ronny K, we saw him at Luminosity Beach Festival 2012 and Entrance 10. And his next appointment with the Spanish Trance Family will probably be in Amsterdam during Luminosity Trance Gathering before ASOT 600 in Den Bosch, Netherlands, on April 5rd in this 2013 that just started. We planned to interview him on video over the weekend that was passed by the Spanish capital, but due to time constraints it was not possible. So, in writing, Ronny K has answered OfficialDjFreire questions:

OfficialDjFreire: First of all, how are you? How was your trip to Madrid?
Ronny K: Hey mate, I’m very well thank you. My trip to Madrid went better than I’ve expected and I really loved it.

O: What did you expect from the Spanish crowd at first? And how was at the end? How was Entrance 10 with Javiele, Angel Ace and Victor Prada?
R: I knew, that there will be Spanish Trance Family and also my fans, so I was looking forward to meet them all. Everybody in the club were amazing, include dj’s and also Victor. They were technically and with music selection more than great but Angel Ace was highlight for me. His set was really amazing and I hope that on March 23rdhe will play in Budapest as good as he was playing on Entrance 10 or even better.

O: Can you tell us about your future projects? Plans for an album?

R: I’ve got many projects opened and awaiting for finishing, well I have huge delay because I’ve moved to another place so I was running around moving and setting up our new flat for 2 months. Still I haven’t got my studio built so I’m working hard now to have this done as soon as I can. Anyway I’m not interested in making album, so definitely I won’t work on it.
O: Tell us about your work with Defcon Recordings. Which one is your favourite label?

R: A lot of people think that I have something to do with Defcon Recordings, but I don’t. Matt Groves (Lazarus) is one of Defcon’s owners and he is my friend. I gave him some of my stuff for releasing, that’s all. And which label is my favourite ? Maybe my own (Motiv8 Recordings) :-D. Nah I’m joking, really. I don’t have any favourite label.
O: In which kind of electronic music are you working in right now?
R: I think that everybody knows what kind of music I’m involved 😀 Uplifting Trance

O: What was Trance Insurgence?
R: Trance Insurgence was my show which I cancelled long time ago.
O: In which radioshows are you involve? How is your relationship with AH.FM?
R: In nowadays I’m involved only in 2 radio shows. One is for czech radio station and it doesn’t have a name. It’s just a monthly show. Then I’ve got an exclusive radio show for AH.FM called Trance4nations. And what can I say about my relationship with AH.FM? Radio owner is good friend of mine and I’m glad to have a show in his station.

O: Can you describe us your first time at ASOT? What do you think about this radioshow in these days?

R: Ahh, first time I appeared in ASOT with a track I’ve made with Eddie Sender called “Singularity” and it was in ASOT 277 so long long time ago. ASOT has changed to more commercial and it’s interesting no more for me I’m afraid. Last good episodes were 3-4 years ago.

O: Tell us about your relationship with Luminosity Events Foundation. What is going to happen at Luminosity Trance Gathering before the ASOT 600 in Westerunie, Amsterdam?
R: Yeah, I’m very glad that Luminosity Events asked me to come over to Amsterdam for their Trance Gathering before ASOT600 event. I’d love to prepare some new track or tracks for this so loads of hard work is waiting for me now 😀 Anyway I’m pretty sure, that many people from Spanish Trance Family will attend, so It will be nice to meet them and chat with them again.

O: What have you heard about the Spanish trance scene? Any deejays and productions?
R: To be honest with you that I know only Angel Ace as Spanish producer I think, so not so much.

O: Would you like to come to Spain again for another trance night?

R: Definitely I’d love to come back to Spain and not only once. I love Spain ❤

O: Can a trance deejay survive nowadays?
R: If the DJ is in DJMAG TOP 100, well TOP50 then definitely YES, otherwise you have to do another work for living.
O: Have nowadays trance lost his way?
R: I think that trance is becoming more commercial and many producers stopped making “old real trance” what is shame, because I saw many times in my gigs what real uplifting trance can do with people and it’s always amazing.
O: How do you feel about the trance scene we have in 2013?
R: We still have great young quality trance producers so I can’t complain.
O: What do you think about the Swedish House Mafia style?

R: I have never heard about them so I can’t tell you.

: Do you think that the historic trance producers will continue slowing down to house?

R: Yeah, unfortunately you are right 😦

O: Aren’t you going to loose your point of view about trance music is? What is going to happen with uplifting trance?
R: Same as classic music than uplifting trance will be alive as long as people will live, because real uplifting trance is like classic music in nowadays in electronic shape.

O: Do you think promoters all around the world are loosing any interest in trance music?
R: I really don’t know, but there will be always trancefamily and also there will be always dj’s who will play for them.

O: What can we do in order to keep trance music alive?
R: This is very simple, support it as much as you can guys.
O: Thank you very much Mr. Ronny!


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